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Tire - 695 X 14 - 5/8 Whitewall - Us Royal

4.9 stars, based on 98 reviews

  • US Royal 695 x 14 Tire
  • Reproduction Of Original
  • Tubeless Construction
  • Built-In 5/8 Whitewall
  • Original Look With Modern Performance
  • Provides Enhanced Safety & Road Handling Capabilities
  • Don't Forget Your Spare!


  • Description
  • This repro tire looks just like what the factory was installing but is constructed using modern materials

    It will resist sidewall cracking and internal deterioration better than the originals did

    This is a tubeless tire, but keep in mind that tubes are required on some OEM and reproduction wire wheels

    However, if mixing tires is unavoidable, NEVER mix radial and non-radi

    So for the look of yesteryear combined with greatly improved construction qualities, get your pride and joy a set of these vintage tires from MAC's. /p p style text-align justify em strong Did you know /strong /em For best performance, it's recommended that all four wheel positions have the same type of tire, not mixing radial and non-radial tires on a vehicle