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C2G 2M Mpo To 6 Duplex Lc Fiber Breakout Cable Om3 Riser Rated (Ofnr) - Aqua - Fiber Optic For Network Device - 6.56 Ft - 1 X Mpo Male Network - 6 X Lc Male Network - Aqua

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This riser rated OM3 laser-optimized multimode (LOMMF) MPO fiber cable is ready for deployment in any multimode 50/125 MTP/MPO network

  • Description
  • OM3 is fully backward-compatible with existing OM2 or OM1 systems

    The fan-out side has 12 LC connectors that are numbered according to the fiber position in the MPO Connector and duplexed together

    The push-pull release mechanism for the MPO connector is easy to engage and disengage, its latch design also prevents the plug from snagging when jumper cables are being routed. /p

    These high density cables are perfect when you have limited space, making it possible to run a single cable that automatically terminates 12 fibers in one easy plug-in

    This multimode, MPO fiber cable is comprised of 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels within each connector