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Sartorius Vn01H33Eto, Vivacon Centrifugal Concentrator

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Sartorius, VN01H33ETO, Vivacon Centrifugal Concentrator 50000 MWCO Vivacon 500 are centrifugal units for fast DNA concentration and buffer exchange of 500 µl samples

  • Description
  • Complete recovery of the concentrate is guaranteed by a reverse spinning step

    Features Concentration of up to 0.5 ml genomic DNA or peptide samples Low binding material Reverse spin possibility MWCO printed on device Complete and highly reproducible concentrate recovery

    For optimal performance with highly diluted samples, e.g

    High recoveries and excellent reproducibility are paired with convenience offered by volume graduation and molecular weight cut-offs printed on individual devices

    Th are also the product of choice for peptide fractionation applications in this volume range

    The possibility of a reverse spin after sample processing assures complete concentrate recovery which is especially important when working with low sample concentrations

    The use of Hydrosart membranes results in high recoveries from dilute samples

    They are also the product of choice for protein fractionation applications

    Treated with a dual-cycle ethylene oxide ETO gas process to ensure this are sterile to a safety assurance level of 106 and free of detectable human genomic DNA contamination

    Vivacon 500 features a horizontal membrane design optimal for DNA fractionation primer removal as well as peptide fractionation

    Vivacon 500 is optimized for the concentration / recovery and buffer exchange applications of genomic DNA and peptides for samples up to 500 181 l initial volume

    Forensic specimens, Vivacon 500 is equipped with patented Hydrosart regenerated cellulose membrane with extremely low unspecific binding properties and high flux