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Cecomp Electronics Ctp1B15Psia-Cd, Ctp1B Digital Pressure Gauge

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Cecomp Electronics, CTP1B15PSIA-CD, CTP1B Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge with 1 Button Operation and Calibration Data, 15-0 PSI Abs, 15.0 PSI Power-Up Press and hold the front button for approximately 1 second

  • Description
  • Display back lighting can be turned on by momentarily pressing the power button whenever the gauge is on

    If the gauge is set up without auto shutoff on/off operation it will stay on until manually shut off or until the batteries are depleted

    Options CD - Calibration data 5 test points and date Red rubber boot White LED backlight All metal case Port reinforcement Coated circuit boards Features plusmn 0.1 Test Gauge Accuracy in Most Ranges Ultra-Ruggedized Design 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts Selectable Units and Auto Shutoff Times White LED Display Backlight Min/Max Memory

    Shut-Down To shut off the gauge manually at any time, press and hold the button until the display indicates OFF about 5 seconds and then release

    The auto shutoff and backlight if equipped timers are reset whenever the button is pressed and released

    The back lighting will turn on for 1 minute and then automatically shut off

    The button can be pressed to keep the gauge on

    The display back lighting will not be apparent under bright lighting conditions

    The display is tested, the default full-scale range is indicated, the full-scale range in the selected units are indicated, the display is tested again, then the actual pressure and units are displayed

    This also restarts the auto shutoff timer

    Turn gauge off when not in use to conserve battery life

    When an auto shutoff timer is used, the display indicates OFF five seconds prior to auto shutoff