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Lignomat V24-Km, Ligno-Versatec Moisture Meter Kit

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Includes: 1 Ligno-Ligno-VersaTec, RH – pin – pinless 1 RH BluePeg Probe 1 RH Adapter 1 RH Cable 1 Case M 10 Sleeves with caps 1 E-12 Electrode with Pins and Cable 1 E-14 Electrode with Pins and Cable Pin and pinless, dual-depth mode 1/4 ” and 3/4" Microprocessor-based circuitry assures calibration stability and accuracy for the life-time of the meter

  • Description
  • Applications Before installing resilient floor coverings, the moisture in concrete slabs should be tested to avoid floor covering failure.

    Pinless mode allows lower readings in hard woods than pin meters

    RH mode for in-situ concrete moisture testing ndash Meter indicates RH, Temp, DPT, GPP

    The calibration is internally checked and adjusted before each reading in pin and pinless mode

    The meter has a HOLD function, to use when the display is not visible during measurements, and to use when scrolling through RH, T, GPP, DPT to obtain correlating sets of values

    The number 134 on the screen is an individual probe number to give the customer an easy way to identify RH BluePeg Probes especially if several probes are in use for testing concrete